Graduated in Publishing at UFRJ.

Can’t seem to leave the computer, though.

In practice, makes:

  • Content Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Spaghetti code


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Currently working at the tech consulting startup Hub9.

Previously, manager for QA and content distribution at the e-book aggregator Xeriph.

Selected Portfolio

Cobra Bijouterias Content production.

CobraCNC Content strategy and production, webdesign, digital marketing.

Sá Cavalcante Content strategy and production, webdesign.

Other projects

Personal Projects

LIVRO A technological exploration of reading.

Blog Mostly in portuguese.

Say hi

Drop me a line at danielfosco@gmail.com or @notdanielfosco.

I’m also on Github and LinkedIn.

Ei. Fala português? Clique aqui.